I think the conservative cajun, a notable Louisiana blogger, has put up a pretty good representation of how I feel about attacking oil companies. Key quotes:

The federal government makes two times more money per gallon of gasoline sold than the oil companies themselves.

…The extra revenues that would be generated from H.R. 6 are supposed to go into a fund for alternative energy programs. While helping to fund research for alternative energy is a good investment, this is the wrong way to collect the funds. Why not just open up more acreage for domestic production? The federal royalties paid by increased production could easily be used for the alternative energy fund.

…We have all heard the rhetoric from the Left that President Bush and the Republicans gave huge tax breaks to “Big Oil.” But in reality, when giving tax breaks, the government doesn’t actually GIVE anything. All they are doing is actually TAKING LESS from American companies.

Conservative Cajun
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3 thoughts on “Conservative Cajun

  • very telling statistic…if the fed is so concerned about middle america and fuel costs, why not reduce federal fuel taxes? But that wouldn’t be “revenue neutral” would it? We have to stick to someone, and “Big ____” is always a political winner!

  • Just three of us, me, JohnnyB, and Scottie.

    We’re all in mourning for the Saints…but Geaux Tigers!

    Come back and see us, and keep up the good blogging.

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