Found this interesting. You could say it’s quite a positive development, reminescent of the deal cut with Egypt, where two parties essentially look for a settlement or compromise which respect to the disputes they have in common and not at the IP issue as a whole. Actually I almost think this is more positive. In the case of Egypt, there was rhetoric about West Bank, East Jerusalem, which Egypt didn’t really care about but had to act like they did. Here it’s simple: mutual access to the Golan Heights.

Whether it actually materializes is anyone’s guess…but a much better approach on Syria’s part than just demanding the Golan Heights back. Right or wrong, there isn’t an Israeli or Syrian alive who would ever want a hostile neighbor to have control of this terrain, as out of all the disputed territories it’s the one whose value is more military than anything else.

Haaretz – Israel News

Israeli, Syrian representatives reach secret understandings
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