As per usual, Thomas Sowell has my back, and he is more thorough and eloquent on the subject than I am(“He speaks so well”, as Chris Rock may say). He should be since he gets paid to do so. Nonetheless, some money quotes:

Critics of affirmative action have been saying for decades that putting black students in institutions where they are overmatched academically reduces their chances of graduating. This creates a wholly unnecessary problem, when most of those same black students would have far better chances of keeping up and graduating at other institutions where the rest of the students have similar academic qualifications.

And the kicker:

Asians are no menace to blacks. They could serve as an example to blacks, as Bill Cosby once suggested. He told some black students: “They always get A’s. That’s why they call them Asians.”

That’s why they call them “A”sians.
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