So in the first 100 hrs, Pelosi has managed to stick by her guns and approve a minimum wage increase that applies to everyone except a large tuna manufacturer in her district.

So the “culture of corruption” and shady politics marches onward. American Samoa is the only territory exempted from the minimum wage laws where StarKist just happens to ship almost all of their tuna to Nancy Pelosi’s district. Ergo, Nancy Pelosi is exempt from ethical legislation. That’s those “San Francisco values” we were all excited about.

Here’s a little more on the “Absurd Report

The Washington Times


One thought on “Well…There…You…Go.

  • I thought you were joking…until I clicked on the link.

    When we throw one party out and put another in, we really don’t ask for much. But, the morons still find a way to let us down.

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