Guess I shouldn’t stock up on Peanut Butter. Had no less than four jars of Peanut Butter with the dreaded “2111” batch number on the lid. Seems to be a trend these days, staple foods like spinach and peanut butter (who can live without spinach and peanut butter?) causing pandemic infections nationwide.

It’s an interesting trend to me…Is this new or have I just not noticed this before?…and it’s worldwide. The first I remember was of course the Mad Cow Disease scare. Now you have nachos in Australia being recalled, and hummous in the UK, and cantaloupe and organic baby food here in the U.S.

Can’t figure out whether we’re just hearing about it more, whether it’s a result of less regulation or more regulation, an uptick in lawsuits, a downtick in lawsuits?

Peter Pan peanut butter pulled

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  • I wonder if the evolution of bacteria has anything to do with it. You know many of these bacteria were always considered meat borne. Salmonella is often found in uncooked chicken. E.coli lives in the stomach of many mammals. In the last fifty years or so we’ve made a lot of progress towards reducing these outbreaks. Stores like Food Lion were shut down because they kept meat out past the expiration date. It may be that these bacteria can persist longer in plant materials now as a result of evolutionary pressures.

    Four jars, eh? If they weren’t contaminated, I’d trade you three ores and a grain for two jars, if you throw in some spinach.

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