I have been hesitant to bring up the topic of 9-11 and holes in the official version of events.

The time is now.

I have read several books on what holes exist in the official versions of the events.

I remember hearing of the poll that over half of Americans did not believe the official story. The main bones of contention from the “conspiracy theorists” and the 9-11 truth movement have been :

1. The lack of air defense on 9-11. Standard protcols of intercepting aircraft were not followed that day, even though 4 aircraft were hijacked on the same morning. Standard protocol is that if a plane loses radio contact while simultaneously deviating from the filed flight plan, aircraft are scrambled to observe. It takes defense secretary or higher to authorize shooting the rogue craft down, but scrambling the jets to observe is usually done within 3-5 minutes of radio contact loss and deviation from filed flight path occurring. This did not happen in airspace in the northeast corridor, where 2/3 of the US population lives and is the highest trafficked military airspace in the world.

2. The nature of the collapses of the WTC towers :

They occurred at free-fall speed. Concrete dust was blown horizontally outwards some 200 feet. Pancaking could not result in reducing concrete to dust. Only explosives can do that.

3. Numerous eye-witnesses, people fleeing the scene, policemen and firemen all reported regular periodic explosions within the buildings. Originally these eyewitnesses were bound by an FBI gag order, but when the widows of 9-11 sued the city, the testimonies came out.

4. The collapse of WTC #7, which was never hit by any airplane. There is revealing footage of both the collapse, which suggests it was imploded, and Larry Silverstein’s PBS year-later admission (which you can google and find the interview) that WTC #7 was destroyed after a decision to “pull-it” was exercised. “Pull-it” is an industry term for controlled demolition.

5. The 19 arab hijackers :

Satan Suqami’s passport was found on a street. It somehow survived the inferno that offiically destroyed steel-framed buildings …
9 of the other 19 hijackers have since been found alive and well in the middle east. So officially there were only 10 hijackers who hijacked the 4 planes.

6. The physical data:

Hydrocarbon fires burn at 1800 degrees at the hottest (while burning in air, not pure oxygen). It takes 2800 degrees or higher to melt steel. Even steel subjected to the maximum temp hydrocarbon fire for hours will retain a majority of its strength, enought to withstand collapse. No steel-framed building ever before had collapsed due to fire, and the WTC complex was super-reinforced with steel components. The color and nature of the smoke plumes from the fires in the WTC demonstrate that this hydrocarbon fire was not burning at its maximum temperature (orange and sooty = low intensity fire). Molten steel was found 7 basements below the WTC complexes. This data cannot be supported by the official explanation. Firemen testified smelling cordite.

7. The unclaimed put options on United and American Airlines. The CIA monitors stock-trades in real-time for data mining purposes. In the days before 9-11, there was a huge spike in put options on only United and American airlines. A put option is a bet a certain stock will drop in price. The price dropped after Sept 11, and with the suspension of trades for a week, the options were never claimed. Someone with inside knowledge was trying to profit.

8. The testimony of pilots with extensive time on the jumbo jets.

Several pilots have determined that the skill needed for descent into the Pentagon, with the 330 degree last minute change of trajectory was not possible by novice pilots. Many people believe that no jumbojet ever hit the Pentagon. There is evidence that it was in fact a missile. The inner rings of the Pentagon were penetrated with neat holes. The tip of a jumbojet is made of carbon fibre. Depleted uranium is used to tip tomahawks, and the tip could penetrate several concentric steel-reinforced concrete walls. Jumbo jets cannot. No wings were found. No evidence of a fuselage was ever found. No bodies. No blood. No scorched earth. The FBI confiscated cameras from a local gas station which should have captured the impact. The Va Dept of Transportation has many cameras that would have filmed the plane flying over the interstate. A neighboring hotel had surveillance video on the rooftop that captured the impact. None has ever been released. In the face of doubt, when conspiracy people said it was a missile or global hawk that hit the Pentagon, all the government had to do was produce the tapes, and dispell all the myths. They did not. The section of the Pentagon that was hit was largely empty. It was under reconstruction. The original flight path would have taken the mysterious jumbojet right into Rummie’s office. Instead, a last-minute high-G force maneuvre was performed, with a 330 degree change in trajectory, resulting in a collision with the most depopulated part of the building. Interestingly, the day before, on Sept 10th, the OSP in the Pentagon put out a report (in the Post I think) that the Mossad was a highly dangerous group ; that the Mossad could target American personnel and bases, and manufacture planted evidence of Arab involvement. The OSP was ironically housed in the section that got hit.

9. The dancing Israelis :

The FBI detained many Israelis who were dancing and celebrating and taping the smoke plumes from a New Jersey rooftop. They were part of a moving company. A neighbor saw the questionable behavior, called the FEDs, who picked them up. They said they were Israeli, and they were not the Americans’ problem, that the Palestinians were the Americans’ problem.

10. The no-fly orders

San Francisco mayor Willie Brown was scheduled to fly into NYC on Sept 11. He received a warning 8 hours prior to his flight to not fly that day. Ariel Sharon was scheduled to address Israeli support groups in NYC on Sept 11. He canceled on Sept 10.

All contained in this post is factual, and I recommend further investigation. I could say a lot more actually, but I will save some ammunition for responses.

If you wanna watch some good underground videos :

1. Loose Change (just google it) ; a couple of high schoolers put this one together, and has some good raw data.
2. The Pentagon Strike (google it too)


Interesting poll results from the fall
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4 thoughts on “Interesting poll results from the fall

  • So let’s see:

    1) Lack of air defense
    2) nature of fall of towers
    3) periodic explosions within the buildings
    4) WTC#7 collapse
    5) Passport found on a street
    6) Molten Steel and cordite
    7) Put options on Airlines
    8) Missiles into the Pentagon?
    9) Dancing Israelis
    10) Willie Brown’s warning

    OK…you just went from credible Israel/Palestine guy to full-blown conspiracy theorist. But that’s why we love having variety on the site.

    So tell me, let’s assume (and I don’t) all of the above is dead on (to save me the googling). What does all of it prove?

  • I love people who dismiss arguments without digging into them.

    What part of the data in my post is factual and easily verified.

    First step is agree on verifiable facts.

    Then you make conclusions.

    If you want to dismiss arguments by making labels, that’s fine. You have done it before, and I suspect that you will do it again.

    But again, 50% of Americans dismiss the official version, so I guess half of all Americans are “conspiracy theorists”, by your rationale.

    By the way, most crimes are conspiracies.

    You want the conclusions before you learn more. I’m sorry bubba, that ain’t the way it works.

    If you care to get to conclusions, then learn more about the inconsistencies.

    Hannity would label and dismiss.
    O’Reilly would do the same.

    Be bigger and better than those guys.

  • That’s just a great answer…

    polls are completely irrelevant.

    Neither are Hannity and O’Reilly.

    The conclusions to all of this theory would strike me as more relevant than either polls or pundit, but that’s OK.

    Just watched Loose Change (not sure which version–there are apparently a few).

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