Esquire on the man, the myth, the legend. I hate that they have to take their super-snarky anti-conservative take, even while lionizing this guy. Example:

n 1967, Chuck was at loose ends. Stops at two colleges hadn’t taken, largely because a pinched nerve in his neck had ended his football career. He’d sold encyclopedias door-to-door. He’d enrolled in a broadcasting school in Minnesota and even worked briefly at a radio station back in Lincoln. When his draft notice came, there was never a question about his serving, not after all the time he’d spent with his father and the guys down at the Legion hall. They called and you went and then you came back and drank beer and shot the shit about all the good times.

They make it sound like selling books was a bad thing.

Chuck Hagel did what?

One thought on “Chuck Hagel did what?

  • “If I thought I would ever have a son who would have to go through this,” he’d written to his sister, “I would never get married.”

    What a stupid quote…but hey this was years ago.

    “We all have children and grandchildren,” says Hagel. “He doesn’t have a market on that.”

    Waaahhh. If you watch the video, you see him go on and talk about “Shias killing Shias” in a civil war.

    Overall the article is another example of a liberal piece praising the “maverick” status of a Republican.

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