Libby Guilty of Lying in C.I.A. Leak Case – New York Times

Looks like the jury saw through the bullsh** defense of “Scooter” Libby and found him guilty on 4 of 5 counts of perjury today.

That these people thought they could get away with this is the height of Executive arrogance. That the jury found how they did is a re-assertment of the rule of law in this country. That the White House still refuses to comment is unsurprising.



4 thoughts on “Guilty

  • agreed

    but the question is where will this verdict lead in the overall case?

    is fitzgerald willing to pursue cheney?

    one juror discussed karl rove, and that libby was the scapegoat.

    if fitzgerald has a case against rove, then will he pursue that option too?

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  • THIS is a case of “executive arrogance”…you’re kidding right?

    The height of arrogance is that Joe and Valerie Wilson are able to use her non-classified status as a tool to attack the administration.

    And it worked. Congrats to them.

  • Do you remember the press conference when Bush said he would fire anyone in his administration associated with outing Valerie Plame?

    I read the first chapter of Joe Wilson’s book, when he discussed in great detail his trip to Niger, and the issue of the yellowcake.

    His findings from that trip spoke to the credibility of the yellowcake claim. His attempts to bring to the public’s attention the distortion of intelligence of the WMD claims brought a vindictive response from the VP (at least)and perhaps the entire administration.

    If the American people (before the US invaded Iraq) had known how cooked up or how manipulated the intelligence was, I am sure there would have been a louder outcry about the invasion.

    Turns out Joe Wilson was right, the entire administration has been exposed for deceiving the public into supporting the invasion with false premises, Colin Powell resigned because this admin stripped him of his integrity, we are in a quagmire, one that the administration might try to expand to an even bigger quagmire for the same bogus reasons as before.

    Many lifelong conservatives have publicly abandoned their support for this administration, and many Republicans voted for Democrats in the last round of elections as a punishment for the lies and the deceit.

    But it is still good to find someone who will always defend their man, even if his actions (and the actions of those immediately under his supervision) are indefensible.

    It is a win for the American people that Libby was foiund guilty.

    I am not satisfied with one guy going down for it ; Cheney should be next in line !

  • Your arrogance is only exceeded by your intellectual dishonesty. There is noone here that is “always defending his man” But there is someone here that will side with any political hack to “get his man.”

    Joe Wilson is that political hack, but congratulations for reading the first chapter of his book.

    In the areas where the Bush Administration and the Republican party deserves lambasting, they will be lambasted (immigration, spending, no vetoes in 6 years, domestic spending through the roof, corruption) and have been lambasted.

    And I’ll say it again, there was noone convicted of actually outing a CIA agent. The “16 words” bulls*** and Joe Wilson’s book deals and talking head appearances are completely without merit, his “report” which was not even written when he came back lacked in credibility as much as the Bush administration’s assertions.

    This case was a non-case, which is why a purjery conviction was the only way.

    That being said, if Libby lied to prosecutors, then he should be punished, but in my humble opinion, this CIA leak case was a departure from a real conversation about the war in Iraq.

    The entire world thought that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and as long as Clinton was President it was certainly OK to talk about the threat and the need for regime change.

    But God forbid someone actually do something about it…

    Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying the Bush administration is blameless. I wish that they would have laid out the REAL reasons for going and I wish that the threat would not have been exaggerated, and I CERTAINLY wish it would have gone better. But I think it is disingenuous to take whatever Joe Wilson says as gospel for the sake of taking down the administration.

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