An editorial in the Taipei Times NAILS the mainland Chinese campaign to alienate and isolate this beautiful, independent, and thriving country. Twenty-eight (mostly tiny) countries still recognize Taiwan’s independence. This is laughable as the country has it’s own currency, elects it’s own leaders, and pays for it’s own defense. It has a population roughly the size of Texas and an economy the size of Poland, and still the UN doesn’t recognize it. It has been assumed by most of the world that Taiwan is a renegade province of China. Anyone with a sense of history knows that this assumption bears little resemblance to reality. The first non-aboriginal colonists of Taiwan were the Spanish, not the Chinese, followed by the Dutch. From 1895-1945 the Japanese ruled Taiwan, and only relinquished control because they jacked with you-know-who. In general the Japanese were benevolent rulers of Taiwan, except during the war when they bombed Taipei. I invite all the Logifans to take a look at the Treaty of Japan and decide for themselves what’s the truth of this situation.

This assumption of synonymity frames Taiwan’s de facto independence as an aberration, a freak of history — and what’s more, a freak of “Chinese” history. This is why even respected academics and writers regularly refer to Taiwan as the world’s first “Chinese democracy” or the “best hope for democratizing the mainland.”

The UN needs to recognize this wonderful country. At least Tom Tancredo does…

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