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  • Since I’m an evil NEOCON, I don’t see completely eye-to-eye with Ron Paul on Foreign Policy, but domestically he’s SPOT ON, and actually, really the best there is on spending, taxes, etc…and I’d love him to take an executive role.

    You think he’d take the VP spot? Maybe he can just go in to the Senate with a really long whip and tag anyone who wants to slap on some pork barrel to the latest spending bill.

    I think if he loses the Republican nomination (unfortunately likely), he should run as an Independent.

    I would likely vote for him; especially if it comes down to a Giulliani/Clinton.

  • i’d take him as VP

    he has run before, on the liberterian ticket, and got something like 400k votes

    unfortunately he wants to eliminate the federal reserve system, though it makes every sense to do that, he will not get far with that platform

    you know i wathed this guy steve king the other day on CSPAN talking about a way to generate more revenue at the federal level, while making the US more competitive in foreign trades, while simultaneously decreasing the individual tax burden. i wish i could remember more details

    ill try and find his speech on cspan and post it

  • not more revenue … revenue neutrality

    its the fairtax !

    if we close the irs, and dismantle the unconstitutional federal reserve system, and kick out the international bankers and cancel our debt to them as it violates our constitution, then we can have a 2% fair tax that actually helps this country, instead of our current taxes paying largely the interest on the national debt.

    woot !

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