Quite the sellout.

Am I the only one outraged by US politicans puckering up to AIPAC???????????
Larry Franklin, Steve Rosen, Keith Weissman, all guilty of passing or accepting classified info from the Pentagon, and this group has every US politician (save a few with integrity) genuflect to it in the course of every election.

For once, I’d like to see a presidential hopeful stand up in front of a camera and say “this group has hijacked US foreign policy, intimidates our Congress, has put Israeli interests before US interests, and by God, if I am elected President, I will boot them out of the US forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Sellout !
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One thought on “Sellout !

  • I agree with a good chunk of this actually; as I do agree that Israel deserves criticism. A guy like Obama being a little critical of Israeli policies could have a similar affect as Bill Cosby making strong statements about the current Civil Rights movement.

    But as usual, defending Hibullah, just leaves me dumbfounded…as they do indeed use civilians as shields…and this:

    “As if the starved, besieged and traumatized population of Gaza are about to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles.”

    Give me a break. Everyone knows that the SECOND Israeli forces pull out of Gaza they start hurling rockets. They don’t need intercontinental ballistic missiles to terrorize the Israeli population.

    Maybe they deserve to have missiles hurled at them although I disagree. But even if they do, as I’ve said before, Hezbollah and Palestine consistently give the Israeli government every excuse to be the oppressor.

    Indeed there have been times when they have offered them little choice.

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