I think French policy indicates that you can’t simply allow millions of immigrants (in their case, Muslim) into your country and then ghettoize them and prop them up with subsidized housing, all the while barring entry into good jobs. For the most part France and the EU has bought into the concept that allowing any immigrants from anywhere to come in, but the heavy-duty cradle to grave socialism, and it’s subsequent slow growth economy, simply cannot accomodate, much less assimilate, the new “citizens”. The result…

France’s Jewish population has been variously estimated at between 500,000 and 700,000 and its Muslim population at five million to six million. But French Jews here say the community has been depleted by frequent departures, the majority to Israel. Jewish Agency figures show that almost 14,000 French Jews have resettled in Israel since 2001.

These Jews have a lot of intellectual resources, and a lot of French capital. This is good for Florida and Israel, and ultimately bad for France. Regardless of any criticism of AIPAC or Israel, the suburban ghettos of France are far removed from Israel, and many of the French Muslims hail from nowhere near Palestine. Nonetheless, the Jews there are harassed and murdered by Muslims, regularly enough for the Jews to leave.

The french and the Jews, more recently
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2 thoughts on “The french and the Jews, more recently

  • The French are losing wealthy and intellectual Jews, and replacing them with uneducated, and violent North-African Muslims.

    Considering the way France treats its Jews, this situation is well-deserved. One day soon, France will regret how it has ignored Muslim violence against the Jews.

  • how do you explain the popularity of jean-marie le pen given his stance on blocking the massive influx of north african muslims then?

    i like your blanket indictment of an entire country mr levine ; very scholarly

    people who perpetuate stereotypes on blogsites are questionable in my opinion. north african muslims are uneducated and violent by nature?

    do you think that attitudes towards jewish people within france (as it relates to north africans) would be better or worse today if israel were not occupying the west bank, east jerusalem, the golan heights, and the shebaa farms area of lebanon? would these attitudes be better or worse if israel actually abided by the many UN resolutions it has historically defied? would these attitudes be better if the IDF did not murder thousands of palestinians in the 2nd intifada?
    what if israel actually embraced the renewed arab league proposal of 2002 which is currently under discussion.

    while anti-semitism should not be tolerated in any form, nor should people overlook israeli atrocities against their neighbors if one is honestly seeking to understand jewish-muslim relations today.

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