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  • Look at this link to see the rationale behind teaching gay and lesbian issues to 1st graders.

    Here’s my favorite part:

    “Isn’t it wrong for schools to teach about homosexuality since some students’ religions do not support homosexuality?

    This video shows how schools can provide a safe, respectful learning environment for all children. But the subject of religion does provide a useful parallel. Even if you don’t agree with someone else’s religion, you would expect that their religion—like your own— should be acknowledged and respected at school. Not everyone agrees about homosexuality. But schools are obliged to create a safe environment and to show respect for all students, including students who are gay or lesbian and students who may have parents or siblings who are gay or lesbian.”

    Acknowledged and respected? In the curriculum? Bulls***.

  • If someone can explain to me how this can be justified as a legitimate part of public education, please do so. It’s obvious that this is another blatant govt over-reach. Also, unlike sex education, it looked like there was no opt-out for this program. Is this correct or did I miss that part?

  • To analogize: If someone recommended a traditional marriage pride day at this same school, it would be immediately shot down as exclusionary/discriminatory to all kids that don’t have parents who fit that description. I’d guess that it would be charged as being a part of a “radical conservative agenda”.

    Traditional (male/female) marriage is the undeniable cornerstone of our civilization. It should be glorified, promoted and otherwise peddled as such. But, obviously, EMPHATICALLY, not at a public school. Likewise with all other types of personal relations.

  • School days should be WAY shorter than they are, if only to limit the state-sponsored indoctrination there.

  • As far as shorter school days go, they definitely make sense for younger children (up to middle school). But, many parents seem to view education as nothing more than a form of “free” daycare. So, to shorten the school days would mean that parents have to pay for the child’s afternoon care (which they would obviously deplore). Don’t get me started on the irresponsibility parents…

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