An interesting article in U.S. News & World Report about the lessons we can learn from the rest of the world. There’s some really interesting stuff.

My favorites: European urban planning, Dominican Baseball fanatics, German prostitutes as aides to the elderly. Least Favorites: Finnish charging rich people more for traffic tickets, French people have more meaningful conversations at dinner (?), UBER-Budget Airlines.

30 Valuable Lessons That Americans Can Learn From the Rest of the World:


Carribean/Latin America:

South Asia:

Central Asia: How They Do It Better

How They Do It Better
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  • Hi, All,

    In regards to the following:

    Europe: Giving Drivers the Benefit of the Doubt–Less traffic lights, less accidents, go figure. “Round-Abouts” are a great idea!

    Government France: Talking is a World-Class Sport–

    Try finding a television program without talking French people on it… Agreed that French people like to argue (whether or not they are pro or con, they pick the opposite side just to have the chance to argue)…The only thing they like better than arguing is talking about food.

    Original Article–Higher life expectancy in Costa Rica:

    Reasons probably: They eat lots of beans and chicken and they have national health care. (Latest medical reports state that too much beef, pork, coffee, milk, etc., contribute to reducing the body’s ability to fight cancer cells; eating beans, vegetables, fish, and chicken reinforces the body’s ability to kill cancer cells)

    Not Included in Report: Suriname’s Maroons don’t have cancer. (These are former slaves who escaped their masters, fled to the jungle and formed tribes there.) Their diet: taro, cassava, beans, and fish. (I won’t mention iguana and larvae.)

    Japan: Even the Toilet is High-Tech–

    The inventor of the “She-inal”, from Pensacola, Florida, sold the technology to Japan.

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