I really find this a little confusing for two main reasons:

1) I’ve listened to Imus many times before and have heard way more offensive, racist, and degrading comments–anti-semitic, misogynistic, etc.

2) This guy is not a conservative, and never has been. He supported Kerry for President, and constantly kisses the ass of media elite, liberal politicians, and “maverick” Republicans.

Why now? Why him? And “Who’s next?”

Update: Now he’s been fired from CBS Radio as well, BUT…you can now buy a variety of “nappy-headed hos” paraphernalia. America, what a country.

Imus Fired from MSNBC – Associated Content

Imus Fired from MSNBC
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2 thoughts on “Imus Fired from MSNBC

  • I haven’t listened to Imus recently, but recall that he had views ranging the political spectrum. Definitely not a conservative or liberal hack. And, in my opinion, a funny guy and an interesting listen.

    He and others on talk radio have said worse, and I think it’s quite shameless on the part of the networks to fire him a FULL WEEK after his remarks…obviously the corporate powers that be were afraid of a more widespread backlash against their products and were in full-throttle damage control mode. Who cares if he makes a stupid remark from time to time? He’s a radio host, not a congressman.

    In a fair world, there would be no difference between the reaction to Imus using such language relative to it appearing in a hip-hop/rap song.

    Side note: I bought a book a while back at the second-hand store of photographs of the American West by Don and Fred Imus (Don’s brother). It’s called “Two Guys, Four Corners: Great Times, Great Times and a Million Laughs”. The photographs were stunning. It’s worth checking out at the library (assuming they don’t pull it from the shelves).

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