First it was wheat gluten, now keychains. This is only the beginning.

About 396-thousand metal key chains made in China and sold by Dollar General stores from December 2005 through January 2007 are being recalled.

Free trade is good and all, but until China manufacturers are up to the safety standards of the west, the public must be cautious about buying Chinese products. Then again, try to find a mug not made in China.

“Made in China”=toxicity?
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4 thoughts on ““Made in China”=toxicity?

  • What’s even more upsetting is that much of our trade deficit is due to “fair” trade agreements with countries like China. Meanwhile, the Chineese are taking their American dollars and building up their military.

    Is this really a country we want to give a fair trade advantage to?

  • I hear what you’re saying, bro. Thing is, I am more convinced on national security issues than economic ones. I don’t mind free trade deals with, say, el salvador, as long as the products aren’t toxic. I don’t foresee a Salvadoran invasion anytime soon.

    Free trade with China is a touchy subject. Hypothetically, if Nixon didn’t go to China, and Reagan didn’t start the economic liberalization process which grew the Chinese economy, the average Chinese would be in much worse shape than it is now. A billion starving bellies under communist rule could be easily convinced that a pacific expansion is inevitable, that these people are building shoddy products and not fully militarizing their industry is on the whole a good thing. I think it’s time for the US to diversify economic investment with a little thought to things like consumer safety and geopolitical issues. Why not invest in Mexico or India, which are at least democracies with some modicum of property law?

  • Remember that lead in ceramic cups is thought to have undermined the Roman empire by addling the brains of prominent, wine drinking elites? This sounds like a plot to undermine the imperialist U.S.

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