My trade dictates that I take a beginning-of-year hiatus…glad to be back.

Nothing groundbreaking here. I just wanted to point out that a Republican presidential candidate that many believe to be a “true conservative” was in favor of a most anti-conservative legislation, that being campaign finance reform. It’s a WashPost article, so log in will be required.


3 thoughts on “Thompson…for….President?

  • Noone makes fun of McCain Feingold more than me, or McCain because of it…so you make a good point.

    Thompson is way more Conservative than McCain on many other issues, so I don’t know that it’s a deal breaker…but definitely not a stock booster.

  • Yes, this requires deep contemplation. It is about as close to a deal breaker as one can get. Maybe the supremes will limit or revise their ruling in the nearterm until reason prevails and it is finally declared unconstitutional. Other than that I want to hear more specific proposals about entitlement reform from all candidates (or at least the ones that count).

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