Don’t have time to post much these days. But fair warning…where is your seafood coming from?

The list of Chinese food exports rejected at American ports reads like a chef’s nightmare: pesticide-laden pea pods, drug-laced catfish, filthy plums and crawfish contaminated with salmonella.

US food imports from China–2+ billion$?
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2 thoughts on “US food imports from China–2+ billion$?

  • I just looked on my “White House” brand of apple juice and it said that the concentrate was from China…lucky me. I also checked my “Mott’s” brand of apple sauce and it said “Product of USA”. Since the price difference is inconsequential, you can guess which company’s products I will and won’t be buying.

    This brings to mind the bill that Congress was considering a few years back about requiring country of origin disclosure on all food. What ever happened to that?

  • I think that bill passed, Rip. I know over the last couple years every grocery store I visited had the origin of their seafood listed.

    I don’t buy any crawfish that’s from anywhere other than Louisiana (or TX if I happen to be there) and seafood has to come from either U.S., Canada, New Zealand, or Australia. CAFTA has been hurting our local commercial fishermen.

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