The White House says it wants to appoint a high-powered official to oversee the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and issue directions to the Pentagon and the State Department. This person would be called “the President of the United States”.

War Czar
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3 thoughts on “War Czar

  • LOL…that’s fricking great. I did read somewhere that apparently Bush doesn’t want to be Commander-in-Chief anymore.

    Hell I sure wouldn’t want to be. Not a lot of good news coming on that front lately.

  • Very clever, and very true. What is Robert Gates job, anyway? Must not be getting along with the new guy. W had a chance to clean house in the State and Justice Depts. in 2001 and 2004, but didn’t. Too late now.

  • I agree, this says volumes about the relationship between Bush and Gates. If it’s not working, he should just fire the guy. But, what would Bush know about when to fire a Sec of Defense?

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