2 thoughts on “Anti-Americanism : Some Root Causes

  • I enjoyed the article and appreciate your continuing insights (along with Logipundit’s counter-arguments, of course) regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. This is a matter I haven’t thoroughly explored and consider what I read here to be my “crash course”.

  • Thanks !

    What’s amazing to me is the coverage of this issue OUTSIDE the US versus INSIDE the US.

    Night and day, and the whole world has cast its vote for peace for >30 years, and the solution is known, 2 countries have rejected the will of the rest of the world, the US and Israel.The tangential factors of AIPAC’s immense influence over the US Congress and the media framing the boundaries within which the discussion is permitted, etc, only delay the solution.

    Those votes at the UN, and I only included the SC vetoes, do illustrate what the real agenda is.
    I mean when the US vetoes a resolution “affirming the inalienable rights of the Palestinians” or vetoes condemnation of an IDF soldier shooting 11 praying Muslims, it does challenge the notion that the US cares about resolving the conflict.

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