Bobby Jindal takes up the case against FEMA. My take is that these things get slapped together in a hurry in an emergency. Many people looked the other way with regards to health hazards in the wake of disasters like Katrina. That doesn’t mean problems and mistakes should be swept under the rug. He may only be grandstanding, but I don’t see any other congressmen or Senators taking up the case here, if any other representatives are speaking out about this.

“Further, case studies show that even if residents followed FEMA’s guidelines on appropriate ventilation of trailers, high levels of formaldehyde can remain,” Jindal said.

Bobby Jindal and FEMA
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2 thoughts on “Bobby Jindal and FEMA

  • There were other senators speaking up about the FEMA trailers in August of 2006. Bobby’s comments came in May 2007 (just a little later)! (See Committee on

    I ask that every person seriously look at all the candidates before voting. It may look like Bobby has already won the race, but do you really know if he deserves your vote. Ask yourself why doesn’t he want to debate? How many people and organizations own a piece of him.

    Please before you vote for anyone look at all the candidates.

    And if Bobby supporters read this, remove your purple & gold bumper stickers that read “Tigers for Jindal”–they are illegal as they infringe on the University’s trademark.
    see this

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