Maryland is officially the first state to require all their contractors to pay a “living wage” that is a full 5 dollars more than the minimum wage (in the Balt/Wash corridor).

To me, this is simply confusing. In a time when Maryland is facing serious fiscal challenges, it falls upon them as necessary to (out of the goodness of their hearts) to purposefully increase their overall expenses. The bill was passed a few years ago, but was sanely vetoed by then governor Ehrlich.

Two things will happen now that the boy-wonder from Baltimore has signed off on it:

1) Maryland (not presently considered a low-tax haven) will be “forced” to raise taxes substantially, again, to make up for the extra expenses.

2) Businesses who hire employees outside of state contract work will be forced to pay more, because their prospective employees will demand it, “but State jobs pay…”

As a result, tax-payers suffer, and employers will be forced to hire less employees, so some who could be making $6.15 an hour will be out of a job altogether.

New York Times

Congratulations Maryland!

One thought on “Congratulations Maryland!

  • I predict an influx of illegal immigrants to solve the problem. Employers don’t have to move out, and contractors can pay their priveleged few union workers to play cards while the illegals do all the dirty work. Illegal immigrants will become democrats and republican taxpayers move to Northern Virginia. Win-win for the Maryland Democratic party.

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