The Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce, came out today with a press release expressing to the Lansdowne HOA how bad of an idea it was to disallow home-based businesses in their community.

Tony Howard, the President of the Chamber, described the move by the HOA as “draconian.”

This action by the Lansdowne Homeowners Association will rob 40 local entrepreneurs of their livelihood while…countless other Lansdowne residents will suffer the loss of convenient child care and other important services they received from their friends and neighbors,” Howard said.

This is a result of a rather predictable move by the residents opposed to daycares coming out and saying (the following is an “editorialization,” as Tammi would call it):

“No, we’re not racist, elitist snobs who don’t love kids…some of us even have kids; it’s a home-based business issue, not a daycare issue. Besides, our hands are tied. It’s in the Covenants {spiritual Tibetan style chanting here}, and since we can’t ‘formulate the language necessary to put it to the vote in the community’ we had to search for a compromise by officially outlawing ALL home-based businesses–especially “biggies” like daycares. But it’s not about daycares…really.”

Good move, guys…Actually, the Lansdowne HOA came out with this on their website, which details exactly the difference between home-offices and home-based businesses. It seems their language skills have all of a sudden improved.

Speaking of Tammi, here’s the latest on Living (Libido?) in Loco.

Loudoun Chamber comes out in support of Home-based businesses in Lansdowne
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