Now, I’ve never been to a Polo match in my life until yesterday, and I will tell you this:

It was very little polo and a lot of other stuff.

Hobnobbing is not my strength, but it was interesting to see the variety of people that this event attracted (OK, mostly really rich people and people that were invited or wanted to hang around really rich people–but details). I was honored just to be able to hang out on the grounds, but honestly–and perhaps unfortunately–I really was more interested in seeing the actual polo match than Journey, fighter jets, helicopters, parachuters…etc…

As far as the polo goes, the funniest part to me was listening to the announcers try to call the game from a rather awkward vantage-point. It would be like trying to call a football game while sitting in the endzone. “It looks like it’s out of bounds…no, I think that was a penalty…or no, did he score?”

Unfortunately, the British won 6-3 (which I assume is an offensive slugfest–but I really don’t know), and it appears that next year’s opponent will be Italy. There were rumors flying around over the previous couple of weeks about the Secret Service checking out the park, and it turns out that was for the Italian Ambassador.

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Morven Park Basks In Polo Success
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One thought on “Morven Park Basks In Polo Success

  • I agree with you on the announcing. It was actually quite awkward listening to the one guy who spok slowly and clearly then the other guy who sounded like a cross between Larry the Cable Guy and an auctioneer from Texas.

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