The American Lung Association recently released their annual study, “State of the Air”, on smog and soot levels across the US. The results were mixed, with smog levels decreasing across the country, while soot levels were found to be increasing – especially in the Eastern part of the US. The blame for the soot increases is being placed on the prevalence of coal-fired power plants in the affected areas.

The report is not without controversy (no surprise there), as the article also contains arguments refuting the accuracy of the findings by a fellow of the American Enterprise Institute.

Smog and soot
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One thought on “Smog and soot

  • Controversial, sure, but at least it’s discussing a real and obviously human caused phenomenon. It’s a much better conversation to have than “global climate change.”

    Soot and smog are undoubtedly caused by humans, and protecting our lungs and our childrens’ lungs from pollution should always be a priority.

    Not that I don’t like penguins…but that’s another post.

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