Is this really the way the LCRC operates? I’m having trouble believing this, but it’s a sad state of affairs if this is the impression they’re leaving on Conservatives in Loudoun County. I talked to a fellow a few weeks ago in my favorite breakfast establishment, Leesburg Restaurant. He was recruiting me to get involved in the LCRC because he said, “Loudoun County is ground zero for the Democrat party.”

The old argument that “anything is better than the alternative” is getting old, though, and it’s time to start talking again about what conservatives can do instead of what liberals WILL do. It’s what wrong on a national level, as well.

Now I’m not throwing LCRC under the bus here, just pointing out that this sort of thing leaves a less than great impression. It’s not as if the source linked here (the aptly named, Too Conservative) could ever be considered a bastion of liberal thought, so there’s a reason this strikes a nerve.

The LCRC Modus Operandi
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5 thoughts on “The LCRC Modus Operandi

  • Have you read that blog very much? It is hardly aptly named. I would consider it indeed a bastion of liberal [Republican] thought. When’s the last time it spoke highly of any conservative Republican?

  • I’m on the LCRC Exec Committee, and the characterization of LCRC is out of line. In my observation, a lot of the grumbling is from malcontents who aren’t getting their way because they are in the minority. I’m not thinking of anyone in particular – it’s just a general observation.

    Basically this is the way it goes – when the Exec Committee votes on some issue, like the convention, there’s always a couple people who disagree. They make their case, no one is swayed, and everyone votes against the opposing motion. (For the record, these are not the ones I am calling malcontents. They make their case, but they are not running around trashing the LCRC or its leadership.)

    So that’s it – there is no squelching dissent in the ranks or ramming things through committee. In fact, our chairman goes out of his way to give people who disagree the opportunity to speak, even when they can’t even vote. And often he allows votes on matters where a vote is not required because he has the authority as chair to make the decision.

    And things like the convention, the Exec Committee doesn’t vote to implement, but to draft recommendations for the full committee to vote on. Then the full committee votes overwhelmingly in favor of the recommendations. Moderates (read liberals) cry foul because they lose another vote.

    As for the Rules Committee meeting email, talk about a non-issue! It was an email to Rules Committee members as a reminder. Why should the candidates be getting the email too? I’m not on the Rules Committee, and I did not receive the email about it. Am I being “shut out” too? I thought I – as a member of the Exec Committee – was part of the group of insiders manipulating the process.

    Regarding the timing of the meeting… another non-issue! It followed the Exec Committee meeting (which I missed). Again, the email was sent out shortly before the Exec meeting as a reminder to the Rules Committee, not as an informative email to the candidates.

    Wdporter, nothing is going to make the not-too-conservative malcontents happy with the LCRC until it replaces the convention with an open primary, and it banishes Eugene Delgaudio, Steve Snow, Jack Ryan, and Dick Black all to Siberia.

  • Anonymous (if that is your real name), you got me…I’ve only been reading the site for about a month, so you could be right.

    Mr. Hamster, thanks for the info.

    I have indeed noticed that TC is not a fan of those guys.

  • Hamster – “out of line?” By whose edict? This is public discourse, and all opinions and commentary should be welcome…it can only help. You must mean “the characterization of LCRC is interesting, and we’ll take this into account as we go about repairing what’s truly wrong with it, if anyone really knows.”

  • No, Mr. Anonymous, that’s not what I meant. It’s out of line. They (you) are free to say it, but it doesn’t mean they are right, or even close. Likewise I am free to say they are out of line. The right to free speech does not end after the first criticism. Further criticism is allowed too.

    There is discussion on issues that come before the LCRC, there are even votes on things that can be decided by the Chairman. The entire Committee votes and approves by majority almost all of the EC’s recommendations. None of this stuff is heavy handed, dictatorial stuff.
    The LCRC is not the LCDC – we don’t pick our candidates in the back of a smoke-filled room.

    We have votes. Someone has to win and someone has to lose. And it is not “interesting”, it is out of line when the losers run to their little blogs and claim that the LCRC is a corrupt dictatorship with torture chambers (yes, I know it’s a joke) by a bunch of wing nut jobs.

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