You guys may have noticed the “Unity08” icon in the sidebar over the last couple of weeks. I signed up as a “delegate” and am still getting my arms around what they’re really trying to pull off. Below is a video by the second Law and Order actor to delve into politics this year (although emphatically NOT as a candidate).

Check out the Unity08 site when you get a sec and tell us what you think.

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One thought on “Unity08

  • These folks make a good point with regards to the corrupting influence of lobbying and the increasingly partisan nature of politics. Also, I completely agree that there needs to be some type of shake up/wake up call in Washington today.

    But, the realist in me says that most people vote for the party who is in agreement with their “highest priority” issues. And, it’s going to take a couple of candidates with a real set of b*lls (no offense Hillary) to make such a drastic leap of faith. Remember, even McCain wouldn’t do it in ’04 (but that could of had more to do with Kerry than McCain).

    Logipundit, keep us posted.

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