It appears that they are advocating that an evil government contractor pay Al Qaida. Al Qaida deserves the money, right? They’ll probably use the money to pay their psychiatrist bills and recoup the high costs of daycare since they’ve been captured (the breadwinner has been captured, the wives have to go back to work to take care of the family), not to mention an immeasurable hardship of the whole ordeal.

ACLU claims that “American corporations should not be profiting from a CIA rendition program that is unlawful and contrary to core American values.” If the lawsuit was awarded in ACLU’s favor, it would put US hard-earned tax dollars in the hands of Al Qaida. Sounds like we’re aligning with America’s core values here! So, the American peoples’ incomes would be financing terror AND financing the war to fight it. As far as I’m concerned the ACLU has joined AL Qaida.

ACLU joins Al Qaida

One thought on “ACLU joins Al Qaida

  • “Al-Qaeda Civil Liberties Union”? It’d be nice the the Al-Qaeda members were at least American Citizens. How about sueing the bullet manufacturers that supply the army for killing Al-Qaeda members in Afghanistan or Iraq?

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