I find it interesting that one of the main apologist networks for terrorist had one of their “journalists” kidnapped and strapped with a suicide vest by members of the Religion of Peace.

Kidnapped Journalist In ‘Bomb Belt’ Video
Updated: 14:27, Monday June 25, 2007
A video showing the kidnapped BBC journalist Alan Johnston wearing what appears to be a belt of explosives around his waist has been posted on the internet.

Alan Johnston seen in new video
In the short tape, which has the title Alan’s Appeal, Mr Johnston warns that the explosives will be detonated if an attempt is made to free him by force.
The video was made by the Army of Islam, a group with apparent links to al Qaeda which claimed responsibility for snatching Mr Johnston from a street in Gaza City on March 12.


BBC Journalist Kidnapped and Strapped with Suicide Vest by Members of the Religion of Peace
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