DeLay Wins Round in Texas Court
The state’s highest criminal court on Wednesday refused to reinstate a dropped conspiracy charge against former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.
Two charges—money laundering and conspiring to launder money—remain against the former congressman. He resigned last year amid allegations that he violated campaign finance laws to funnel $190,000 in corporate contributions to Republicans in the state’s 2002 legislative elections.
The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled 5-4 against reinstating a count of conspiracy to violate the state’s election code.
A state district judge threw out that charge in December 2005 after defense lawyers argued that the law DeLay was accused of violating didn’t take effect until 2003. A regional appeals court upheld the judge’s decision.

DeLay Wins Round in Texas Court
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2 thoughts on “DeLay Wins Round in Texas Court

  • The damage is done. Although it sets a horrible precedent that will come back to haunt them, my partisan Democrat colleagues don’t care a whit about the actual guilt or innocence of Delay.

  • It is the Republican’s own fault for making that stupid rule regarding indictment. They basically gave the democrats a loaded gun and said, “Here, shoot any Republican whenever you want to.” Pure political stupidity.

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