Apparently Mr. Delgaudio has a differing view from the rest of the Loudoun Board of Supervisors on whether the Toll Road into Loudoun is worth it. “Schools and police stations” are his priority, so his “Nay” vote was the only dissenter in the vote to approve Loudoun’s portion of funding for the Dulles Rail project

Seeing as Loudoun has a pretty awkward and quickly growing traffic problem, my hunch is that the three train stations we’d get in Loudoun would probably ease a little bit of the pressure, and from what I can tell from the article, Loudoun’s responsibility of 4.8% seems pretty reasonable seeing as 3 of the 11 stations will be in Loudoun.

Something else confuses me. The article states:

Loudoun’s money is expected to come from revenues from a program called Business Professional and Occupational licenses.

BPOL is treated like something new. The article says nothing more about it. Isn’t that state-wide in every municipality, and hasn’t that been around for a while?

Times Community Newspapers

DelGaudio the lone dissenter

3 thoughts on “DelGaudio the lone dissenter

  • Schools and police stations? How long has the county been trying to build a high school?

    I don’t think the reporter understands what the BPOL is. But his editor should.

    If Lansdowne is successful in shutting down or restricting home businesses and other neighborhoods follow suit, Loudoun county will have a lot less money in the BPOL coffers. All home occupations should have a BPOL, but if you are trying to hide from your HOA, you might decide to not apply for it. Of course, at $30 each per year, that’s admittedly not a significant part of the BPOL revenue.

    The county obviously is counting on continued strong revenues for existing (larger) businesses and attracting more businesses. Which is nice in theory, but if housing stays out of reach and traffic continues to worsen…

    My company has paid the special Route 28 tax for years. Traffic lights have been replaced by clover leaf ramps, but my employees still complain about bumper to bumper traffic each morning.

  • I thought Mr. ED’s priority was receiving campaign cash from developers; I guess since it’s an election year, then it becomes “schools and police stations’. Call me cynical, but…

    Irresponsible of the reporter, though, to not know what BPOL is.

  • Grow up, RR. Save your snide remarks that make no sense for the blogs out there dedicated to them.

    When I ran for town council, I raised a good portion from my family, but when I said “we need lower taxes”, no one was dumb enough to say “I thought Jim’s priority was raising campaign cash from his family. I guess now it’s an election year, it becomes ‘lowering taxes’.

    But perhaps you know something I don’t… please show me the minutes or the video of Eugene at the BOS dais saying “my priority for Loudoun is receiving campaign cash from developers”.

    And by the way, not everyone thinks that MetroRail out to Dulles is money well spent. Considering how bad MetroRail is at turning a profit, it surprises me there aren’t more. For all the complaints about the prohibitive costs of traffic/gas/tolls, there should be more interest in the cost of subsidizing MetroRail.

    I would like to see MetroRail to Dulles too, but the reality of the situation makes me think twice, though. Eugene is a tireless defender of the taxpayers and is probably right on this one.


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