Does anyone have any feelings about our Former Governor’s performance in the Republican Presidential Debates? I confess that my tenure in Virginia is too short to know what kind of Governor he was first-hand.

However, when I watch the debates, I can’t help but be slightly underwhelmed by his performance. “Consistent Conservative” really only goes so far.

Thoughts anyone?

Gilmore for President

Gilmore for President
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3 thoughts on “Gilmore for President

  • Two words. Car tax. All he cared about and all he ever did for the state. Not much of a platform in my opinion. Never a dynamic speaker, you just don’t envision him rallying the forces.

  • Car tax is what he ran on, and you can’t deny him credit for doing his darnedest to make sure he fulfilled his promise. And he certainly did other stuff, but it was the highest profile. It was the biggest tax cut in VA history, and that’s a good platform in my opinion. He’s also got a record, outside of his governorship in law enforcement (attorney general of VA), and in terrorism (chair of National Terrorism Commission). But you’re right about not being a dynamic speaker. And yes, wdp, that consistent conservative thing only goes so far, especially when you’re the only “true conservative” candidate who is pro-choice up to X weeks. Not exactly consistent.

    He’s not my choice, but if the stars aligned for him, I would not be disappointed with him as the nominee.

  • He ran on the “let’s eliminate the car tax” platform but did little to cut the budget…thus sending the state into a horrible deficit. You can just cut taxes without adjusting the budget. And that’s what he did. In my opinion, not something we need right now in a President.

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