In addition to the below, the Plaintiff has to pay court costs and attorneys fees for the Defendants.

Judge loses dry-cleaning lawsuit

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A District of Columbia judge on Monday lost his $54 million (27 million pound) lawsuit against a dry-cleaning shop that misplaced his pants.
Roy L. Pearson, an administrative law judge in the U.S. capital, claimed that Custom Cleaners violated a consumer protection law because it posted a “satisfaction guaranteed” sign but did not pay him more than $1,000 after his pants got lost.
But the judge hearing the case, Judith Bartnoff, ruled that Pearson had failed to show that the Korean immigrant family named as defendants had violated that law.
The two-day trial drew international media coverage and widespread ridicule as an example of over-litigiousness in the United States.
Pearson was not immediately available for comment.

Judge loses dry-cleaning lawsuit
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