I’m beginning to believe that there should be some kind of test that people should take before deciding to have children.

An AP story I found on MSNBC.com today tells the tragic story of a 4 month-old baby from Everett, Washington passing away this past Monday because his 19 year-old mother taped a pacifier to his mouth in order to keep the pacifier in. What kind of Einstein does this? But it only gets stranger; on Sunday night, Mommie Dearest couldn’t find a blanket with which to swaddle the little guy, so she tied his arms to his body with pajamas.

So on Monday, when she discovers her baby is unresponsive, she doesn’t call the paramedics, but she calls her boyfriend at work, and THEN calls the paramedics. When the medics arrived, they determined that the poor little boy had been dead for hours, not the 1/2 hour that kiddie mom had told the authorities.

She was charged with first-degree manslaughter and faces between 6 1/2 to 8 1/2 years in prison. I think I’ll give my own son extra hugs & kisses tonight when I go home.

Kids Having Kids

2 thoughts on “Kids Having Kids

  • OH my Lord God, Dave, way to kick it off. Anyone with a child that doesn’t visit their room an extra time or two after reading this story…well just ain’t human.

    Gotta go untie him, first, though.

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