KJL may be going to the great communist utopia in the sky sooner than we thought.


North Korean dictator needs heart surgery
Intel report says Kim Jong-il has life-threatening condition
Posted: June 15, 20071:00 a.m. Eastern

LONDON – A surveillance team from Britain’s MI5 intelligence service has learned North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is to undergo surgery for a life-threatening heart condition.

The discovery emerged after what the Security Service calls “routine surveillance of certain nations.” North Korea has a small embassy in the north of London, housed in a red brick building where its staff work and live.

News of the 65-year-old dictator’s condition reveals he has cardiomyopathy, a serious heart disease that would usually require open-heart surgery.

But Kim’s physical condition is further complicated because he is massively overweight and only able to walk a few steps without becoming “alarmingly breathless,” the London embassy has been told.

Last month, six heart specialists from the German Heart Institute in Berlin flew to Pyongyang to conduct a series of clinical tests on Kim. ….

Kim Jong-il Has Life Threatening Heart Disease

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