“Are you in Iraq? Have you seen any troop movements? If you have any information you would like to share with the BBC, you can do so using the form below.”

The moral of the story is that the liberal reporters at the BBC posted a request for information regarding troop movement in Iraq that it could post on the website, and hence give the enemy the location of American and British troops. I truly believe that liberals want to kill every member of the military and bring America and other countries to its knees. By now, is there anyone who doesn’t believe that liberals want the allies to fail in Iraq?

BBC ‘risked safety of troops’
The BBC was accused last night of risking the safety of British forces in Iraq after trawling for information on troop movements in the war-torn country.

Politicians reacted in disbelief to the revelation that for over two hours yesterday, the BBC News website carried a request for people in Iraq to report on troop movements.

The request was removed from the website after it sparked furious protests that the corporation was endangering the lives of British servicemen and women.

Liberal BBC Asked for Information on Troop Movement in Iraq and Put Troops in Danger

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