Yesterday was the LCRC Convention and all the predictions of death, destruction, pestilence, famine, and so on did not come to pass. There was 60% turnout, which is better than expected, and the place was packed! It went pretty smoothly, except it was pretty long. Next time I will bring a pillow, but otherwise excellent job by those who put it together.

Though the convention seemed even longer for my Leesburg District. We were supposed to go next to last in the voting, and then as we filed onto line, it was announced that Sugarland Run was going to go before us due to technical reasons with the machines.

Frustrating to say the least, but sure shows which Republicans were the most committed. And that’s the great thing about these conventions. We are able to make sure that Republicans choose the Republican nominees, and we see who are the most hardcore. As district chair, I know who I can call to help out in November.

A couple observations – Gary Clemens gave an amazing and evergetic speech. Hard to believe it came from someone running to be a bureaucrat! Jack Ryan had a great line in his speech to illustrate how accessible he would be – he announced his cell phone number! I should have called it. 🙂 For a couple speeches, I was disappointed that some of the candidates were booed when they were called to the stage. Not classy. Booing a remark is one thing, but booing the person is not good. Finally, my man Jim Clem (Leesburg District Supervisor) addressed the crowd wearing a short sleeve shirt with a design that looked like something you wear on a cruise in the Caribbean, compared to the other candidates decked out in suits. In his short speech he had the funny line that he was the only one who had the sense to dress for the weather.

Anyway, congratulations to everyone that won. There may have been a race or two I wouldn’t have minded seeing go differently, but we had great candidates for most of the races. So for the ones I had hoped for one candidate to win, at least the other guy won.

In conclusion, I’m looking forward to November. Rah rah rah. Goooo Republicans!


Loudoun GOP alive and well
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3 thoughts on “Loudoun GOP alive and well

  • I read the story on the Too Conservative blog as well. I admit that I am not a rabid-anything. I am trying to figure out why a candidate’s position on something like abortion would matter in a Board of Supervisor’s race. Are there litmus tests for members of the Loudoun GOP? I ask in all seriousness, not as a jab at someone.

  • I guess you have to ask those that specifically make an issue of it, but I would say there are a few likely reasons:
    1) one office is often a stepping stone tothe other, whether pre-determined or not by the candidate.
    2) maybe there are funding or education issues that are relevant.
    3) the candidate’s views on the sanctity of life would be a reflection of his/her beliefs that would affect their decisions on otherwise unrelated issues.

    Based on some people I’ve spoken to, it’s most likely the first reason.

    There aren’t any litmus tests for members on abortion or other such issues. The only sort of “test” has been whether or not the applying members have actively supported Democrats or not. Or most recently, whether or not they are violating their pledge by running as an independent. (and rightfully so, in my view)

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