I’m afraid that this guy will not be alive for very much longer.

Gil Hernandez ‘fears for his life’
Officer convicted of violating illegals’ rights placed among prisoners
Texas Deputy Sheriff Gilmer Hernandez, convicted of violating the civil rights of two illegal aliens, was transferred from a Texas prison to a federal facility in another state and placed in the general population, according to his former boss, who believes the officer’s life is in danger.
Don Letsinger, sheriff of Rocksprings, Texas, told WND Hernandez has asked his family to not contact him in the federal prison, saying he fears for his life.
“I am concerned that Gilmer is being singled out for special punishment because of the push to demand the resignation or the dismissal of the prosecutor, U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton,” Letsinger wrote in an e-mail.


Officer convicted of violating illegals’ rights placed in general population of prison.

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