SICKO director Michael Moore pulls out of health care debate against former House Majority Leader Tom Delay that was set happen Sunday morning on ABC’S THIS WEEK WITH GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS. According to Delay’s office, Moore instigated the event but at first withheld a preview copy of SICKO and now has dropped out of the debate completely…

(Below is the the press release from Tom Delay)

Turns out Michael Moore isn’t as willing to debate conservatives as he wants the public to think. The plus-sized publicity hound is booked on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos for this Sunday and upon booking him as a guest, they all agreed to have a conservative on with him to make it a debate on health care policy. I was asked to go on with him, and after thinking it over a bit I told them I couldn’t agree until I had actually seen the project and knew what exactly he was debating. They all agreed to overnight a copy of the film, I would view it this morning, and let them know ASAP.

Well, the movie never arrived. So, I wait, and then comes the news – Michael Moore has canceled the debate. Guess he didn’t expect anyone to seriously take him on. Had I known he was this chicken, I would have accepted on the spot, but at least I can spare myself the agony of watching one of his mockumentaries.
Bottom line: his movies, his politics, and his incessant bullying are all an act. I guess to liberals like Michael Moore, cooking up a message isn’t as appetizing when you’re not the one controlling the cameras.

Sicko is Scared-o of Tom Delay

One thought on “Sicko is Scared-o of Tom Delay

  • I sincerely wish this was coming from someone other than Tom Delay. His credibility isn’t exactly at its peak. That being said, hopefully everyone on the right gets this message and starts putting this Sicko on the defensive.

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