Supreme Court Deals Setback to Labor Unions(

In a unanimous ruling on Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court said labor unions may not spend union dues for political purposes without first getting consent from the people who paid those dues. The ruling stems from a case in Washington State, where even teachers who were not active members of the Washington Education Association were required to pay dues to cover the costs of collective bargaining. Some of the money was spent on political causes that some teachers did not support. The Washington Education Association said the case involved only a small number of union workers who decided not to be active members. But a conservative legal group hailed Thursday’s court ruling. “The WEA decision is a great moment for America’s workers,” said Pacific Legal Foundation Attorney Timothy Sandefur. “It’s sad enough that American workers — most of whom are not union supporters — are often forced to hand over their earnings to unions against their will, but the Washington Education Association went even further and used the money to support political causes that the workers did not believe in,” he said. “It’s refreshing to see that the Court has vindicated the rights of Washingtonians — and given hope to the workers of other states.”

The DNC Just Lost a Lot of Money via a Unanimous U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

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