An AP report that appeared on Yahoo! News today told of a family in Bayville, Long Island that got served with a summons charging that their daughters violated the town’s noise ordinance. Seems that the 5 and 11-year old menaces make too much noise when they are playing in their backyard pool. That, apparently, is too much for some residents of the town.

The summons was eventually dismissed, but it brings up a question: why do people hate kids so much? From the grumpy old men in Lansdowne trying to shutter day cares to now cantankerous people trying to keep kids from simply enjoying a day in the pool, why not just move? The kids will always be there; stop trying to create Utopia.

An eloquent statement made in a Washington Post blog sums it up nicely: “I expect a residential community to have LIFE. There is a place that is always peaceful and quiet with minimal traffic. It’s called a cemetery.” Well said.

What About the Children?

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