Welcome to the Cult of Multiculturalism. Vote Sticky Rice!

Chinese-Language Ballots Pose ‘Sticky’ Problem
Mitt Romney’s been called many things as he runs for president, but chances are “Sticky Rice” isn’t one of them.
That’s how his name might be read on some Massachusetts ballots, according to state Secretary William Galvin.
Galvin says the federal Justice Department is pressuring Boston election officials to translate candidates’ names into Chinese characters in precincts with prominent Chinese-speaking populations.

So Mitt Romney could be read as “Sticky Rice” or “Uncooked Rice.” Fred Thompson might be read as “Virtue Soup.” And Barack Obama could be read as “Oh Bus Horse.”
Galvin’s own name could be read at least two different ways, as “High Prominent Noble Educated” or “Stick Mosquito.”
But perhaps the most perplexing translation would be for Boston Mayor Thomas Menino’s name, which could be read as “Sun Moon Rainbow Farmer” or “Imbecile,” or “Barbarian Mud No Mind of His Own.”


What happense when the government joins the Cult of Multiculturalism? You have a presidential candidate named “Sticky Rice.”
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