WORMS!!! For the love of God, WORMS!!!

Worms are killing the planet, says top researcher – COMMENT UPDATE
Worm composting could be doing more harm than good to the environment, a leading researcher claimed today.
Composting Association research director Jim Frederickson said: “Worms produce a significant amount of greenhouse gases. Recent research done by German scientists has found that worms produced a third of nitrous oxide gases when used for composting.”
The ‘wiggly ones’ naturally produce nitrous oxide gases when they are put into the process of composting.


What’s the real cause of global warming? WORMS!!!
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One thought on “What’s the real cause of global warming? WORMS!!!

  • heard on the radio today someone talking about how increased CO2 levels are responsible for a newer stronger form of poison ivy.

    Stop breathing; maybe that’ll help.

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