Maybe unanimous votes are more common than I think, but this is definitely interesting to see this sort of unity from the Loudoun Board of Supervisors. Mick Staton raised this Constitutionality question months ago, and I’m surprised it’s taken this long for it to become a real issue. Nothing like an actual levying of taxes to prompt action.

Meanwhile, I got this email from the NVTA yesterday:

Transportation Authority Voting Members

Need to Hear from YOU


Sometime after 8:00 p.m. on July 12th the fourteen voting members of the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority will be asked to vote on seven new regional taxes and fees that will generate more than $300 million per year for regional transportation projects.

If better regional transportation is important to you, you need to contact Authority members and urge them to vote “Yes” for each of the seven new mechanisms.

The message is as simple as – “Northern Virginia’s future won’t wait. I urge members of the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority to adopt the seven regional taxes and fees at your July 12, 2007 meeting.”

To email this or your own message directly to Authority members, please click here.

For contact information for Authority voting members, please click here.

Twenty Years Is Long Enough to Wait!

Contact the Authority Now

To Get Northern Virginia Moving!!

This should be really interesting.

Leesburg Today

Board To Challenge Regional Road Taxes
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2 thoughts on “Board To Challenge Regional Road Taxes

  • If I complain about ever-increasing development without adequate roads to support it, the Republicans yell at me and tell me I am standing in the way of progress. If I complain about ever-increasing taxes and fees (what happened to all of the money we have already paid that was supposed to fix our transportation woes?), the Democrats yell at me and tell me I am standing in the way of progress. What is a frazzled mother stuck in traffic supposed to do? It’s just about time for me to take my tax-paying behind and stand somewhere else.

  • LOL…it is a challenge.

    But it’s not just a political challenge (I make sure and get yelled at from both sides–it keeps me humble.) This is more of a constitutional responsibility challenge.

    The problem with this NVTA thing is that there is still no help coming back from Richmond. If there was SOMETHING in the form of BPOL tax relief or property tax relief, then it wouldn’t be as big of a deal.

    But as it is, with so many of our tax dollars going down south, we have to fork out MORE in order to get done what Richmond is supposed to be doing for us anyway–meanwhile local taxes are going up as well.

    I can certainly understand the Republican stance from other parts of the state not to raise taxes. When you have a “budget crisis” and a year or so later have a billion dollar SURPLUS, you should be VERY CAUTIOUS about raising taxes.

    But the roads have to be built and the money is going to come from Northern Virginia, either way. In a way, I’d rather it stay up here than go down there and never make it’s way back up (which–to answer your question–is what happened to that money, and what always happens to that money).

    My question is…If Northern Virginia pays DOUBLE per capita in taxes to Richmond, but 70% of our County taxes are going to local Public Schools, what exactly does the State Government do for us locally if not Transportation?

    It’s really a travesty, and it makes me wonder if it would better to go back to a classic City State model like the Ancient Greeks. At least we would have only one entity to pay taxes to. Currently it’s a long list:

    * HOA fees
    * Town Taxes
    * County Taxes
    * NVTA Taxes (**NEW!!**)
    * State Taxes
    * Federal Taxes

    Sooner or later we’ll add:

    * UN dues
    * Solar System Taxes
    * Milky Way Galaxy Taxes
    * Intergalactic Local Group dues
    * Virgo SuperCluster assessment

    How many Governments does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    My point is, if we’re going to take responsibility for our roads as a region, fine…I’m all for that. But it should mean, then, that we will be paying less State taxes, and that’s not the case. It’s classic wealth distribution–Northern Virginia takes care of itself, and continues to fund the rest of the state.

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