Here’s a curiously titled article:

“Voters unhappy with Bush; Congress: Reuters poll”

The real story says something else. Bush’s approval rating has gone up 5 or 6 points and Congress’ has gone down a few points. The result is that DOUBLE the percentage of the American people approve of the President than approve of the Congress.

How about THAT for a sad commentary on the Fed.

Obviously we’ll need updated results…as I’m sure Democrats’ bringing cots into the Senate chambers and not actually using them will turn the American public’s opinion around.

Yahoo! News

Bush up and Congress down in the polls

2 thoughts on “Bush up and Congress down in the polls

  • I don’t think so…I didn’t make it clear from the post, but a few weeks ago, Bush was at 29 and Congress was at 19.

    Now Bush is at 34, and Congress is at 17.

    Hell, it may be apples and oranges; a different polling company, etc.

    But still it doesn’t speak well for either branch of the Gov’t.

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