The Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce has a great site summarizing the candidates for election to the Loudoun Board of Supervisors and our Delegation to Richmond. The purpose of the site is to:

…keep our members informed about which candidates for state and local offices support the Loudoun County Chamber’s pro-business policy agenda.[…]

A significant aspect of the BizVotes Campaign will be a candidates’ questionnaire, which the Chamber will ask each of the candidates for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and the Virginia General Assembly representing Loudoun to complete. Then we’ll share with you the answers and let you decide which candidates have the best ideas to lead Loudoun County and represent our interests in Richmond.

It’ll be interesting to see what the questionnaire entails. Every time you hear political types talk about questionnaires from “special interest” groups, it’s usually with either teeth clenched or with eyes rolled. Typically the questions they get range from simply inappropriate to downright odd:

1) Will you bend down and kiss the little toes of our representatives at a moment’s notice if and when we deem it worthy to endorse you and you happen to win.
2) Will you raise (lower) taxes (wages) for _____ (insert your group here) EVER…under any circumstances.
3) Do you solemnly swear to march in picket lines, bomb buildings, maim, pillage, and murder, to keep HR789837-78898 from passing?
4) Do you realize if you score less than a 99.9% on this questionnaire that we will support your opponent?
5) Did you know the average lifespan of a politician who DOESN’T support OUR cause?

I exaggerate of course (GASP!, ME?), but you get the point. “Special interest” questionnaires are typically pretty “specialized.” I trust of course that the Chamber’s questionnaire will be more balanced, as they are explicitly not endorsing anyone.

Below is the summary from the Chamber’s site of the races in question:

General Assembly Races
(* denotes incumbent)

Senate 33rd
Mark Herring* (D)
Patricia Phillips (R)House 32nd
David Poisson* (D)
Lynn Chapman (R)House 86th
Tom Rust* (R)
Jay Donahue (D)

House 67th
Chuck Caputo* (D)
Mark Cadin (R)

Senate 27th
Jill Holtzman Vogel (R)
Karen Schultz (D)House 33rd
Joe May* (R)
Marty Martinez (D)House 13th
Robert Marshall* (R)
Bruce Roemmelt (D)

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Races
(* denotes incumbent)

Scott York* (I)
Mike Firetti (R) Potomac District
Bruce Tulloch* (R)
Andrea McGimsey (D)Blue Ridge District
Jim Burton* (I)
Mark Albright (R)

Broad Run District
Lori Waters* (R)
Jack Ryan (I)
Phyllis Randall (D)

Catoctin District
Sally Kurtz* (D)
Geary M. Higgins (R)

Dulles District
Steve Snow* (R)
Stevens Miller (D)Leesburg District
Jim Clem* (R)
Kelly Burk (D)
Ken Reid (I)Sterling District
Eugene Delgaudio* (R)
Jeanne West (D)

Sugarland Run District
Mick Staton* (R)
Susan Buckley (D)

Voter Registration information

Commonwealth of Virginia voter registration form:

Loudoun County Voter Registration Office

Loudoun County Chamber Bizvotes

Chamber of Commerce BizVotes
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