Now here’s something I didn’t know. China has a State-Controlled Catholic Church called the Patriotic Church. The issue is, of course, how much say-so the Vatican has in selection of Bishops. Diplomatic relations between China and the Vatican have been cut off since 1951, and evidently both Beijing and the Pope have “tolerated” a government-controlled Catholic Church in the People’s Republic.

This has been going on for a little under 2000 years. How much say-so does a Pope in Rome have over the personnel and organization of its Church in a sovereign country? The answer is, as much say-so as that country’s government wants it to have. In most cases, it’s a lot, in some, it’s virtually none.


China Church ‘chooses new bishop’
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One thought on “China Church ‘chooses new bishop’

  • China has multiple doppelganger groups and churches. They have their own version of the exercise groups so you don’t have to join the falun gong. They have China gov’t approved Christian churches as well. To my understanding, Pat Robertson hasn’t objected to these….

    All seriousness aside, the Church has also “tolerated” an Underground version of the Catholic church, and has protested the acquisition of 300 year old Church property by businesses in kahoots with the gov’t. Priests and laypeople in the underground Church, which naturally takes direction from the Rome appointed bishop in Hong Kong, have often been persecuted and jailed. The current issue is the degree to which Rome will throw their loyal underground Church member under the you-know-what. Knowing the history of the Church, I doubt they will do that.

    Not only is the hierarchy of the Church compromised, so is the theology. One of those stories worthy of a bit of research…

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