You remember browsing through the ultra-B movies in your local video store as a kids and seeing titles like “Blacula” and “Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS”? A sub-genre of these exploitation films pertained to women in prison, which I imagine never had any entertainment value and serve only the purpose of satisfying bizarre fantasies of some peculiar men. I couldn’t help but think of that when reading this article called “Lesbian Gangs Raping Young Girls.”

While any forcible sex is condemnable, the subtext, which links rape with homosexuality, is deplorable but predictable. In other words, gangs are gangs, but lesbian gangs? Lock your daughter in her room and load your guns! You might agree that it makes as much sense as linking rape and pedophilia with Catholicism.

This response to the initial report of widespread lesbian gang violence, made by none other than Bill O’Reilly, reveals that once again it was O’Reilly generating paranoia and fear with “bad information.” On O’Reilly, and this is mentioned in the above linked article, a guest purports that in Baltimore a man was beaten by six women. The actual report from a Baltimore news station exposes two young women and four young men as the attackers. Bad information. What was O’Reilly’s guest thinking? Moreover, what was O’Reilly thinking? Probably about a falafel.


One thought on “LIFE IMITATES ART

  • This is really tragic stuff. Not sure whether linking rape with homosexuality is quite the same as linking pedophilia with Catholicism, but will agree that both are deplorable.

    Rape is rape, and gangs are gangs; neither contributes positively to society, regardless of their race or sexual orientation.

    Since I can’t really stand O’Reilly, it won’t be hard for you and I to agree on this one.

    I have a curiosity question, though. Are you an ardent supporter of Hate Crimes legislation?

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