Keeping to the children’s book theme, we recently received Politically Correct Bedtime Stories by James Finn Garner from a friend of the family. It is a very funny and, depending upon political tendencies, very enlightening. One of my favorites is The Three Little Pigs. While the original (non-politically correct) tale ends with a “They live happily ever after,” in this book the un-enlightened wolf huffs and puffs his way to a fatal heart attack (all of that damn pork!) and…

“The three little pigs rejoiced that justice had triumphed and did a little dance around the corpse of the wolf. Their next step was to liberate their homeland. They gathered together a band of other pigs who had been forced off of their lands. Their new brigade of porcinistas attacked the resort complex with machine guns and rocket launchers and slaughtered the cruel wolf oppressors, sending a clear signal to the rest of the hemisphere not to meddle in their internal affairs. Then the pigs set up a model socialist democracy with free education, universal healthcare, and affordable housing for everyone.”

The only tale with an alternate title is The Three Codependent Goats Gruff. Gotta love it!

Politically Correct, the Ultimate Storybook, by James Finn Garner

Politically Correct, the Ultimate Storybook: Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

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