This article details a few of the better-known political prediction markets. These markets (at least some of them) allow participants to buy real($$$) contracts based on certain election outcomes. One of the sites, Intrade, also offers the opportunity to wager on a variety of subjects (weather, current events, etc). I’m not advocating for or assessing the legality of placing wagers (although I will say that this SHOULD be 100% legal), just pointing out that these sites will be a valuable source of information as the 2008 election approaches. By the way, the markets currently expect a match-up between Clinton and Giuliani. Yikes!

Prediction Markets for Politics

3 thoughts on “Prediction Markets for Politics

  • Pick your poison, huh? I tell you, if it came down to it I’d go door-to-door to preach the gospel of Guiliani, even in those neighborhoods that tried to keep me out with pesky ordinances (oh yeah like that would be a first), “Keep Out” signs, and large dogs.

    But if it were anyone but Hillary, I probably wouldn’t be on board for the “G” man.

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